Saturday, April 18, 2015

FIFA 15 Vs PES 15 - The Ultimate Next Gen Edition.

We are halfway into the release of Electronic Arts and Konami's Football Simulation titles FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.

We as usual thought that FIFA might destroy, run over, and tear PES to pieces, Especially seeing how games had made a giant leap in graphics to the "New Gen Consoles", The Reality did not suit our wild fantasies. PES came through, sticking to basics, improving graphics, focusing on player faces, and improving the Champions League Game Mode. FIFA on the other hand, introduced new stadiums, made digital signboards for advertisements on the sideline, made commentary a little intelligent by wishing you a "MEERRRYYY CHRRISTMAASS" On Christmas, improved player faces, and brought in the Barclays Premier League Game Day Interface. But, what happened to the game play part of it? Nothing much I'm sad to say.

So lets put the games to the test, lets see where they lack and where they succeed.

From The Basics:-


Bayern Munich's Franck Ribery, On FIFA 15, Looks like his face has been washed up pretty nicely, It really looks like In-Game, Ribery uses detergent to wash his face, And uses a scale to shave his beard to symmetrical perfection. On PES 15, You can actually see (Just For Expressing) the many imperfections that make Ribery's face look like Ribery, If you catch my drift. You can clearly see his scar on the left and the wrinkles and the brownish tan he has on his cheeks, the detailing on it is just perfect. Which actually makes you feel that you are playing with him.

But it's Bayern, you say. You say that since they are the poster team of PES 15, They will obviously get them perfect. OK. You Gotta Point, So lets check out the main man on FIFA 15, Lionel Messi.
Same here, Even with big Techy names such as Player Face Recognition System, EA Loses out on the detail.

Verdict- PES WINS


Do i need to say anything here? Anyone who has played FIFA, Knows the server issues to death, Literally.
PES does not disconnect in between matches, makes you lose out on online season points. PES does not even have so many maintenance shut downs to make the servers alright as FIFA does. PES LOLS at you FIFA.
Verdict- PES WINS 
Game Modes - 
As much as PES has a MyTeam mode, and the FRICKIN' CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. The lack of English clubs, unfortunately makes it less authentic. Sometimes money wins. FIFA with their licenses unfotunately win out this one. FIFA has Ultimate Team, which I am addicted to. A cool manager manager mode. Online Seasons, My Pro, Pro Clubs. But,
The Packs On Ultimate Team are close to worthless, getting 82 rated players or less is not that great. Luis Suarez 87 is the highest rated player i have packed on FIFA 14. On 15, I Have 85 Karim Benzema. (Untradeable) at that, (Nice Play FIFA). Adding to further complications, the Price Ranges have Enraged the FIFA community into quitting FIFA altogether. Packs or Balls on PES Are sick, they actually give out good players.
But Still FIFA will Remain FIFA.
Manager Mode could be made more authentic:-
In Fifa 16, maybe they could add a pre match session where they talk about the match, instead of the usual training stuff, that would make for a nice tense build up to the match. Take a few tips off NBA2K15, EA.

 Verdict- FIFA Wins.

These Are Just My Views. PES was the better game this time. What do you think?